Friday, July 12, 2013

The end of vacation

It is a universal experience that vacations end too soon.  Ours, this summer, is no exception.  We saw loads of family, ate and drank too much and didn't sleep nearly enough.  We will need a full vacation to recover from this one.  I found myself sending up a prayer to the universe many times this week; A prayer of thanksgiving for my little family, for all the love that we have, for how fortunate we are to experience vacation in any capacity and most especially that Patrick is of the age that he may remember some of this time.  For now, I am really looking forward to getting home so that I can dig through the 800+ pictures I took this week! Here's just one from this morning. It has been overcast and gloomy the last few days but we made dang sure Patrick got to take his homemade kite out for a spin (a fly?) at least once before we had to leave the beach.

xoxo, Maura

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